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CNC Routing & Cutting

CNC Productions is a company that supplies routing and cutting services directly to tradecustomers. They offer a range of services, including material sourcing, design, programming,and cutting.

If trade customers need materials for their project, CNC Productions can source them forthem. Alternatively, customers can bring their own materials to CNC Productions for cuttingand routing.

CNC Productions uses advanced technology to design, and program cut files, ensuring thatthe cuts are precise and accurate. They work closely with their customers to ensure that thefinal product meets their specific needs and requirements.

Overall, CNC Productions is a company that specializes in routing and cutting services fortrade customers. They offer material sourcing, design, programming, and cutting services toensure that the final product meets the expectations of their customers.

Our CNC machinery gives you full freedom to choose and design anything that you can think of. Our precision powered machinery makes virtually anything a possibility.

Our Services Quality Services

Working Process 1
Set Design and Build

Set Design and Build

Working Process 2
Exhibition Stands

Exhibition Stands

Working Process 3


Working Process 4


Working Process 5


Working Process 6


Working Process 7



Rapid Cutting Service

You upload your cut files (in the correct format) Choose your materials (thickness and length) Receive a quote within 24 hours Make a payment & production begins You can either collect, or have your project delivered


Design & Development Service

This is a bespoke service, whereby one of our experts takes you step by step through each process. We take your existing idea, and help you develop it into a viable concept.

We take that concept and format it into cut files.
These cut files then go into production at our workshop, with your chosen material.

Contact our team of experts on 01895 207997 alternatively email us at

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    A: No, we are not. (Subject to size/urgency of project.)

    A: Yes, please visit our quote page. Or alternatively you can contact us via phone or email.

    A: Yes, but at an additional cost.

    A: Yes, but we charge for deliveries.

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    The Dilly Hotel

    CNC Production recently completed a project for Dilly Restaurant, which involved creating a bespoke bar, reception desk, and other elements.

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    The Grove Watford

    We are thrilled to express our satisfaction with the exceptional service provided by Mandeep and their team.

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    Imperial College Healthcare

    CNC Production providing vinyl installation for our Charity funded Staff Rest Nest scheme at three of our main sites.

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